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Corporate Info

Since 1991. We are a non-profit group of wine enthusiasts that provides engaging ways to discover, appreciate and support local wine. 19+ to join. 
The Ontario Wine Society currently consists of 4 chapters — Niagara, Toronto and Windsor-Essex.
 Welcome our newest chapter for 2015 – LONDON

To co-ordinate these chapters, make decisions for the Society as a whole and perform common functions, a corporate group was created. The Corporate Board consists of the presidents of the Chapters. These presidents choose a Chair to speak on behalf of the Society as a whole when required and a Secretary to document decisions taken by the Corporate Board. They meet at least once/year or as required. Below are the current corporate board members.



Chanile Vines (Toronto)

Gillian Han (Niagara, Corporate Secretary)

Mark Costello (London)

Claudia Taylor (Windsor-Essex)


Newsletter: Tasha Taylor

Twitter: @1OWS

[email protected]

OWS Letters Patent


Corporate Policies v1.4 08-2010

Corporate By-Laws v1.3 05-2009

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